I am a marketer and writer seeking a full-time position and freelance opportunities in marketing and advertising. I’ve worked in various settings of education, medical staffing and medical manufacturing, taking skills learned from each position and applying them to the next to create a unique angle in everything I do. I currently provide freelance and consultation work in web design, copy writing and editing, content writing, marketing design, marketing strategy, market research and advertising concepts.

Please see my portfolio for samples.

Meet the Mastermind

  • Myers-Briggs personality type: ENFJ / ENFPprophoto
  • Hobbies: writing, reading,┬áhiking, going to folk music concerts, throwing mad themed parties, gardening, painting, drawing
  • Favorite book genres: fantasy, speculative fiction, historical fiction and non-fiction, botanical and zoological non-fiction, feminist and race theory non-fiction
  • Favorite movies: The Fall, Hidden Figures, A League of Their Own, Pan’s Labyrinth