I’m involved with a bevy of history-based projects that keep me busy outside of my day job (but I never let my day job interfere). I’ve always been fascinated by history, but it was the story of the everyday person that drew me in–the anthropology. With my marketing and education background, I’m able to help local institutions bring out stories from the margins and make them relevant to the present.

Queens of Queen City

Co-Creator, June 2017 – present

Queens of Queen City is a public initiative I started. Queens of Queen City’s mission is to connect the past to the present by lifting the voices, telling the stories and uncovering hidden gems of women in the Greater Cincinnati Area’s history through local schools, venues and publications. I’ve been working on it since April 2017 and launched the website in June 2017.

In working on the project, I’ve been presenting web content with engaging narratives; conducting social media accounts; networking for community outreach; researching in libraries and archives in Midwest; conducting communications with experts, scholars and researchers; planning and presenting at events; and designed the logo with Adobe Photoshop and website with WordPress. Notably, I have…

  • Uncovered 24 previously unknown works by Sarah Piatt, including a rare narrative piece
  • Among notable presentations are: Second and Third Salons at Mac-O-Chee, Stand-Up History, Bockfest and Taft Museum of Art
  • Reviving lost literary figure Sarah Piatt by raising public awareness through an extensive marketing strategy that builds into multi-channel action with public events, especially in her home of Cincinnati and North Bend Working on a variety of exciting, city-wide unannounced projects in an effort to tell history from the margins
  • Participated in a panel “Finding Creative Inspiration in History” for the first SHE Con

Cincinnati Observatory

History and Museum Committee, June 2018 – present

The history committee focuses on developing the historical aspects of the Observatory and bring them to the public. The focus of 2018 was the 175th anniversary event and President Adams at the groundbreaking. After extensive partnerships with the Observatory over women’s history, they kindly asked me to be on the committee. I’m working on biographies of the charter members and marginal stories of women’s and black history relating to the Observatory.

Marketing Committee, July 2019 – present

Using my marketing background, I am helping to form the overall marketing strategy and heading the History and Museum Committee marketing strategy.

Member Newsletter Contributor, February 2020 – present

I took over as the writer of the Observatory’s history in the newsletter, providing interesting — and sometimes odd — mini-stories.

Urbanist Media

Board Member, June 2021 – present

Focusing on preserving historically Black communities through storytelling, community building, targeted intervention and structural preservation.

Content Creator, June 2021 – present

After my interview for Urbanist Media’s South Cumminsville podcast episode, I was asked to be a board member and content creator.

Piatt Castles

Researcher and Consultant, August 2017 – present

As a consultant and researcher to Piatt Castles, I sort through unsorted materials to archive, transcribe and workshop exhibits. I also contribute research on the Piatt family for museum exhibits.

Hillforest Victorian House Museum

Marketing Specialist, November 2016 – March 2020

Hillforest is the home of industrialist and financier Thomas Gaff and his family between 1855 and 1891, designed by architect Isaiah Rogers, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1992.

I design and copyedit the annual event calendar, designing with retention and repeat visits in mind. I also developed marketing strategies, including expanding events to more partnerships within Aurora and channels of communication into the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Smithsonian Institution

Volunteer Transcriptionist, September 2017 – present

The Smithsonian Transcription Center seeks to engage the public in making our collections more accessible, working hand-in-hand with digital volunteers to transcribe historic documents and collection records to facilitate research and excite the learning in everyone. I transcribe historical documents, specifically for the Freedmen’s Bureau.

Research for other authors

I work with other authors in researching for their books. I’m currently assisting two for Cincinnati-based subjects, one of which is the first biography of Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt. The other cannot be disclosed at the moment.