Other portfolio samples for strategy, advertising, communications and PR are available upon request.

Queens of Queen City, Coming Soon

Along with my writing partner Chelsie, I am developing an ongoing examination of women in Cincinnati’s history and present, providing information in a variety of mediums–essay, interview, video tour, photographs, sources, resources and more. The website will launch with a heavy social media presence and accompanying events at local areas. With Queens of Queen City, we want to shed light on women who built this city and are still building it. We hope that the website content will inspire women and girls to dream big and follow through on those dreams. With our experiences in marketing and education, we hope to bring light to unnoticed and underrepresented history to the local population and to those outside of Cincinnati in an effort to know the city more and see more of the city. I created the website’s logo, designed the website and wrote the copy. Along with the website, I’m attending, creating and speaking at events and using social media platforms for support.


FridgeForThought Etsy Store, December 2016 – present

I designed the logo and header for the FridgeForThought Etsy store with Adobe Illustrator, copywrote the tagline and About section to include the proposition statement. The logo uses a fun but bold font and complementary colors of purples (the store owner’s favorite color) and yellows. I also operate the Facebook page and designed the business cards and tear-away flyer (pictured below).

Symbiosis Chapbook, December 2016 – present

Symbiosis is a world-building, world-exploring Creative Commons biopunk art book made to be shared and built upon. It’s created by artist Steven Sanders, with whom I collaborated to develop and edit the chapbook copy at the last minute. I also developed a Big Picture Marketing Strategy for the book, a social media marketing strategy, an ad campaign and a messaging campaign based around the tagline I wrote “Discover. Create. Play.” As PR representative, I also wrote and sent out press releases to comic book and RPG websites.

Below are samples of ads intended for the web. While his art was used for the focus of each piece, I used leaves as motif design elements to represent biopunk and used the logo divider as a design motif, as well, to take the place of periods in the tagline.

Hillforest Victorian House Museum, November 2016

I was tasked to create the 2017 Hillforest event calendar sent to patrons. I used the Victorian floral logo with the home’s yellow and green for the flyer colors. To help retain support for the non-profit and draw repeat visits from supporters, I wanted to highlight the four seasons at Hillforest, reminding patrons that each season brings out something special about the home. In the fall, it blends in with the hill’s yellow and green leaves. In the summer, it juts out of the hill like a steamboat trudging through water. In the winter, it acts as a lighthouse. In the spring, its pastel yellow paint represents the season so well. For the final document, they used 2017-calendar elements and made slight changes to add more color and more events.

See my original calendar and Hillforest’s final version.


MS-Marketing Capstone, 30 May 2016 – 18 August 2016

For our MS-Marketing degree, we take a capstone course to apply the culmination of our education and skills combined with original ideas to develop something that is uniquely ours. Here, I document my progress throughout the project. TCHHN has already begun implementing my concepts and strategies for the Women’s Health and Oncology service lines. This page will be updated as my concepts are released in the field, keeping confidentiality. Read the Capstone blog for my progress.University of Cincinnati logo

M. Linder Design, LLC, Work in progress

I am currently redesigning the outdated M. Linder Design website, which will offer more content. I chose to present a sleek, modern redesign while using the colors of the company logo as a motif in the redesign. The soft maroon brings am elegant boldness to the website and the firm. Progress on the website has been postponed, but you can check out a sample page.

M. Linder Design logo

UncannyXMen.net, 29 April 2015 – present

I wrote the Alternate Versions page and provided scans for Husk’s biography, displaying my summary-writing and photo-content matching abilities. Uncannyxmen.net is the premiere resource for X-Men writers and fans in keeping with continuity due to its in-depth coverage and citations. You can see the Husk biography here. I have more content to be published soon.

Uncannyxmen.net logo

Sterling Medical Corporation, “Psychologist Uses Comics to Treat Patients”, 07 October 2012

At Sterling Medical Corporation, one of my duties was to provide web content in the form of market research, gathered by extensive research and data collection by government surveys, news and scholarly journals on health care occupations. Most of the articles feature keywords to draw in traffic. However, with this particular article, I took a different approach to the market research and highlighted not just numbers and job prospects but potential avenues of exploration for potential employees in psychology. Read my article here.

Sterling Medical logo

Sterling Medical Corporation, Convention Flyer, January 2012

I was designated to create the introductory flyer for Sterling Medical’s presentation at the 2012 Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Dubai. I created two separate flyers: one for clients and one for healthcare professionals; the following is geared towards health care professionals. In design, I was limited with all the required material to include. You can see the flyer here.

Sterling Medical logo