University of Cincinnati, January 2016 – December 2016

  • Master of Science, Marketing
  • BOSE Product Extension: Our team developed a Bose brand project extension of a smart TV, conducted a survey and develop a brand strategy. I created the advertising campaign.
  • Re-positioning Macy’s: Using Nordheim and Dapena-Baron’s Big Picture concept, our team examined the current Macy’s Big Picture and re-positioned it accordingly to focus on an magical and momentous experience, not an image of bargain bin. Storyboards and strategy map are available upon request.
  • e-Marketing Strategy for Imagined New Business: Our team developed a comprehensive e-marketing campaign for a proposed new business Queen City Brew Tours. I designed the logo and banner for the website, wrote content and copy and developed social media strategies. Organic SEO strategy includes keywords, meta descriptions, precise URLs, R-Refs and page titles. Other strategies include branding, targeting, and blogging to establish elements of Chris Brogan and Julian Smith’s Trust Agents.
  • Re-positioning The Christ Hospital Health Network: Led team of student consultants to create a comprehensive marketing plan to re-position The Christ Hospital Health Network (“TCHHN”) as “THE Breast Cancer Hospital”
    • Managed team to create comprehensive marketing plan for TCHHN, ensuring all deliverables were met according to TCHHN Project Charter with effective time management and collaborative efforts
    • Designed innovative advertisements with targeted copy for concepts based off persuasive techniques of Dr. Robert Cialdini and creative patterns of Jacob Goldenberg et al, keeping brand consistency in all messaging
    • Conducted interviews, examined competitive and quantitative data and applied insights to 12 innovative concepts to increase mammogram volume and EBIDA by 5% (Concepts available upon request)
  • Market Research for Clifton Market: Collaboratively conducted qualitative and quantitative market research as student consultants on the University of Cincinnati demographic, providing insights based off qualitative and quantitative research to be used upon startup
  • CCIC Volunteer Retention Marketing Strategies: Developed 3 marketing strategies with team of student consultants for Children’s Hospital Comprehensive Injury Center (“CCIC”) to help retain volunteers installing safety mechanisms in homes and educating families of home safety precautions
  • Tervis Tumbler Co. Product Innovation: Facilitated team innovation of Tervis sport and travel bottles using Jacob Goldenberg and Drew Boyd’s methods of innovation called Inside the Box
    • Designed 10 new products manually and digitally, using Adobe and colored pencils
    • Created “Dream Catalog” Powerpoint with illustrations and copy (available upon request)

Ball State University, August 2004 – May 2008

  • Bachelor of Science, Secondary English/Language Arts Education
  • Extracurricular: English Theory Club, Writers in the Community, Classical Music Club, History Club, English Education Club and tutoring inner city children


Crowd Content Media Inc., August 2017 – present

Agency that partners freelance writers and editors with clients for jobs and projects

  • Freelance Marketplace Writer, summary: Writing copy for products and services

Queens of Queen City, June 2017 – present

Public initiative dedicated to uncovering forgotten histories and the present successes of the Greater Cincinnati Area’s women in essays, podcasts, interviews, photos and video tours

  • Creator / Presenter, summary: Designed logo with Adobe Photoshop and website with WordPress; updating social media and web content; networking for community outreach; interviewing women in Cincinnati; researching in libraries and archives in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky; conducting communications with experts, scholars and researchers; planning events; presenting at events
    • Raising public awareness of Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt through an extensive marketing strategy that builds into multi-channel action
    • Presenting new Piatt research at Salon at Mac-O-Chee on August 12 for Sarah Piatt’s birthday celebration
    • Presenting on Lillian Schwartz and Louisa Mitchel at Super Heroines, Etc. in August
    • Planning an event at Harriet Beecher Stowe House that weaves narratives of Cincinnati Civil War poetry
    • Writing grant proposals and marketing for West End Art Gallery

Steven Sanders’ Symbiosis Chapbook, December 2016 – present

A world-building, world-exploring book made to be shared and built upon as a Creative Commons licensed book

  • Freelance Marketing Strategist, summary: Relaunched chapbook with qualitative market research, Big Picture marketing strategy, ads created on Photoshop, online communications strategy, online content rewrites, strategic press releases, public relations
  • Freelance Copy Editor, summary: Edited and proofread chapbook copy
  • Future roles: Copywriting full version of book and designing website to create and foster fan community and creativity

Libby, Perszyk, Kathman Holdings, Inc. (LPK & SpiceFire), November 2016 – present

Independent global brand design agency with more than 30 years of experience

  • Freelance Internal Knowledge Coordinator, summary: Creating and editing feature and technical content on LPK and SpiceFire Watson (Thoughtfarmer) Intranet platforms; updating digital content to be current, operational and accurate; using digital content marketing strategies, such as keywords and tagging, to increase page views; coordinating brand digital projects in Basecamp; preparing quarterly and annual analytics presentations; customizing CSS and HTML; evaluating user interface and web architecture with tree tests; proofing marketing materials
    • Writing feature article for intranet to be published on Spicefire’s website blog
    • Copywriting corporate calendar for Get Moving initiative
    • Consistently writing most-viewed posts in LPK Watson since Q4 2016
    • Managing and coordinating SpiceFire Watson in collaboration with administrative team

Hillforest Victorian House Museum, November 2016

Home of industrialist and financier Thomas Gaff and his family between 1855 and 1891, designed by architect Isaiah Rogers, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1992

  • Volunteer Marketing Specialist, summary: Designed and copyedited 2017 event calendar, designed with retention and repeat visits in mind; developing marketing strategies, including expanding events to more partnerships within Aurora and channels of communication into the Greater Cincinnati Area

Cincy Comicon, September 2016

Cincinnati comic convention that focused “foremost on celebrating the medium and those who dedicate their lived to crafting the stories and art we all love.” (Unfortunately they took me on too late for marketing and could not operate past 2016.)

  • Volunteer Customer Relations Specialist, summary: Resolving any issues that arise at the show; assisting in executing events; ensuring customer, creator and vendor satisfaction for retention

Hill-Rom, Inc., March 2013 – December 2015

Leading global manufacturer of medical devices

  • Quality Technician, summary: Coordinated quality audits and change implementations, inspected and approved products, audited document history records (“DHRs”), trained quality technicians and documented and investigated defect sources
    • Product audited 3 production lines while other auditors were tasked with only 1
    • Led change in distributing work fairly among production lines
    • Assisted in training 2 inspectors on the Affinity birthing bed
    • Trained new quality technicians
  • DHR Technician, summary: Documented defect sources and audited DHRs
    • Audited DHRs for 4 production lines in 2 buildings with urgent attention
    • Trained new DHR technicians

Sterling Medical Corporation, September 2011 – February 2013

Worldwide leading healthcare staffing agency for U.S. military bases

  • Project Coordinator, summary: Produced and delivered complete government proposals, coordinated proposal efforts among departments according to RFP guidelines, reviewed and previewed new business opportunities with CEO/President on a daily basis, communicated internally and externally, archived past performance and proposals
    • Produced, on average, 3 proposals per day, ranging from 2 pages to 200 hundred pages
    • Created company flyer for 2012 Arab Health Exhibition & Congress in Dubai, United Arab Emirates—the second largest healthcare exhibition in the world and the largest in the Middle East
  • Proposal Writer, summary:Conducted market research; wrote marketing copy; edited, proofread and wrote government proposals
    • Led VA Vets for Success proposal team of eight recruiters, three travel specialists, the salary surveyor and the new business administrator less than one month after hiring
    • Served as sole technical writer for Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas-Oklahoma and Chicago VA Vets for Success proposals
    • Wrote 4 and co-wrote 6 market research blog posts for company website

Ivy Tech Community College, January 2011 – September 2011

Indiana’s largest public post-secondary institution and the nation’s largest singly accredited statewide community college system serving nearly 200,000 students annually

  • Adjunct Professor, summary: Instructed total of 10 classes, 4 in each spring and fall and 2 in summer
    • Created my own curriculum for both introductory reading and writing courses
    • Led curriculum development team of introductory reading and writing courses, modeled off my created curriculum
    • Engaged students in creative lessons, teaching the first book a 45-year-old student has read completely

Greensburg Community Schools, September 2010 – May 2011

One of Greensburg’s public school systems, dedicated to an individual’s best education, involving the community as much as possible

  • Long-Term Substitute Teacher, summary: Instructed middle school English, Language Arts and yearbook classes
    • Taught yearbook students journalism design, which was not in course curriculum
    • Co-founded middle school creative writing club

Sunman-Dearborn Community School Corporation, June 2008 – September 2010

SDCSC has earned a reputation as one of southeastern Indiana’s finest school systems with a challenging curriculum marked by an outstanding record of innovation

  • Long-Term Substitute Teacher, summary: Instructed all 4 high school grades at various academic levels in English and Journalism, History and Special Education
    • Taught my own curriculum unit on persuasion through media and advertising to tenth grade
    • Successfully taught twelfth grade British Renaissance poetry unit, using non-canon literature that provided multiple perspectives
  • Summer School English Teacher, summary: Instructed 10 students in summer school English
    • Created student-oriented curriculum to maximize learning with little student work outside class
    • Successfully reached all students, who showed effort in learning at individualized levels, effectively passing them


American Marketing Association (AMA), Cincinnati Chapter, September 2016 – present

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Cincinnati Chapter, June 2017 – present