A New Beginning

I decided to start a blog, partly because I’ve got a weird employment history that some people can’t quite make sense of. Sometimes neither can I. For a long time, I let the jobs offered to me control my career, rather than me take the wheel. I’ve begun to take initiative in my own career, from graduate school to volunteering to freelancing to my own public projects.

For this monthly blog, I’m going to be discussing how my own experiences—in my professions, my hobbies and my education—have shaped my outlook as a marketing and communications specialist and the lessons I’ve learned from them. I’ve learned a great deal about marketing—what to do and what not to do—and continually learn about it and apply that acquired knowledge.

As a teacher, I taught rhetoric and persuasion from non-verbal language and visuals, advertising and comics. As a painter, I have to take into account color and design psychology. As a storyteller of history, I need to find a story in the rubble of documents that engages audiences’ curiosity at an emotional and intellectual level while marketing Cincinnati. As a comics reader, I was forced to be introspective about design, content, diversity and marketing. As a creative writer, I look at professional writing as a craft and think about a different point of view that might engage and audience more. As a quality assurance technician I applied my editing skills from paper to a product.

I’m here to take you on my winding journey from English Education to Marketing, the insights I’ve gained and how I use the skills and knowledge I’ve learned. Maybe we should all stop and think about what we can learn from history and our experiences and how that makes us unique as employees and individuals. We’ve all got a story to tell. Here’s mine.

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